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We believe that the only way you can impact an audience is with great ideas, uniqueness, creativity and a profound knowledge of how to convert all that into a brand. Then, you need to create the most effective and communicative  content and  execute a brilliant marketing strategy. This is what we call "The Wow

Marketing  Process"




Nathalia Gonzalez Hurtado
Nathy G

Production / Strategy

Naty has extensive audio-visual expertice and new-media marketing strategies knowledge. She could take an script: film it, edit it, post-produce it, create a promotional campaign and execute it, all by herself. 

Claudia Gonzalez Hurtado
Clau G


Clau is the experimental one. The out of the box mind of the team. She approaches every product from a complelty new perspective, giving us the path to find unique qualities and new angles to our communication


Jose Gonzalez Pirulo

Founder CEO /  Director

This guy has so many hats, he is an award winning producer with extensive experience in Directing, Filming, Editing, Photography, Graphic Design, Audio and Music Creation Production and Performance.

He can play and shoot and the same time (lol).

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